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Nami ([personal profile] mikangirl) wrote2008-08-28 04:01 pm

The Mikan Orchard

For the purposes of showing what Nami's mikan orchard looks like, I took some caps from the latest OP special, as the orchard in Luceti was modelled after Bellemere's.

The orchard is made up of rows of mikan trees like so! Most rows are actually quite narrow.

Yeah, sorry, Bellemere-san >_> But really, this is the best shot to show their width.

The central aisle is a lot wider, so you could say there's an avenue straight down the centre of the orchard, a path all the way to one end, where the fence has a small side gate you can open.

As you can see from all of these shots, not all mikan are ripe all the time, so it's a matter of going through and carefully harvesting only the ripe ones like so. Final harvest is generally late October/early November, and then the orchard is pretty much barren during the snow months.

The cottage is not the same. But it's about the same size. Next to the cottage is a small storage shed which is probably the size of an apartment bathroom, where Nami keeps her extra baskets and a two-step ladder and stores the fruit once harvested. (Then she gets someone with a good back to take them into places like Seventh Heaven, etc.)

The whole orchard is surrounded by taller, shady trees and a small, waist-height wooden rail fence that usually has at least a few pinwheels along it, and the south-eastern corner of the orchard is just off the river to the north east of the village. It's one acre.

This concludes our brief tour. |D