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Who: Sam, Nami, anyone
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Bloodsport
When: 5th Feb

[The video feed cuts in on an angle, showing a clean bunk-room floor spattered with a few small traces of blood and a roll of gauze, and two people from the knees down; one wearing boots and sitting in a chair with his legs sprawled out, the other with custom heels standing behind him, keeping a steady stream of muttering--]

—my fault if I’m better than they are. [A bloodied gauze pad falls to the floor as she works.] You can’t hold a poker face, don’t play poker. [There’s a quiet hiss between teeth, and Nami’s low, quick apology. Sam huffs and twists, and there’s an audible crackle in his back somewhere — to which he grumbles:]

I really am getting too old for this.

Cut for length because we can't be trusted )
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[Nami's been MIA for a while, now. No big hassle-- close CR might know she went camping for various strange reasons. They may or may not involve a series of experiments and cruelty to various animals (it's all in the name of Science(TM)!!) and possibly cruelty to the odd wandering swordsman that happens to cross her path.

She's found out some interesting things. Although admittedly, they're likely only interesting to her as a weather geek. Nothing that will help her get home. Which sucks. But what can you do. She thinks she might pass on the results to a few select people anyway. Just in case.

Mindful of the date, she finally comes home just before the weekend, and if she's missing a couple of days from her memory after that, she just doesn't care. She's probably better off forgetting. So ignore that for now.

What matters more than that is her best friend has a birthday coming up.]

[Voice / Locked from Vivi]

I know Vivi has a few friends in town and I don't know who they all are, so I thought I'd just make a general announcement. It's her birthday on the 2nd of February, and I'm going to take her up to the hot springs for the day. I'd really, really love it if any friends she has can come up for that day, too. She won't mention her birthday, so... you know. I can manage this much. She'd be pretty happy to see people there.

Bring food and drink and anything else you like?


Also, I'll be at Good Spirits tonight if anyone wants to catch up. Been a while.

[So catch her either at home or around town, because she'll go shopping as well-- she's been gone a while. And in the evening, she'll be at Good Spirits.]

4th Wall

Jan. 27th, 2013 09:49 pm
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[And then there was a navigator

Sitting by the fountain

And sipping a lemonade

...which might be spiked, because Luceti goes better with alcohol these days, but nevertheless

She's just sitting there, watching the crowds.

Who the hell are you lot, then.]


Dec. 16th, 2012 11:24 am
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[The announcement doesn't come until she's tracked down what's left of her crew and paid a visit to Ace and Sabo to inform them in person. She could wish Sanji and Zoro were here, because she winces at the idea of them finding out on the grapevine before they even return home. But it can't be helped.

Besides, maybe he'll be back before they return. He always has before.

She can hope he isn't.]


For those that knew him, Luffy has gone home. [She sounds perfectly calm, if a little distant.] He didn't leave anything, so... wish him well.
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[Well, at least this experiment gives Nami plenty of ways to vent and keep busy. In between running escort duty and interference in the Ganglands area for both Nojiko and Good Spirits, there's the small issue of her mikan grove now being part of the searing desert... so she's up there every night providing cool, sweet rainy relief for the mikan trees, the grasses, and the crocodiles.



Get out! OUT! OUT!

[Why yes, she is chasing a bunch of crocodiles out of her grove back to the river with a crackling quarterstaff, why do you ask. Anyone for fried crocodile meat? >_>

Catch her either in the plaza in her
ganglands finery beating up on the local thugs or drinking or maybe just. You know, having a cupcake in a quiet period. Or up at the orchard in the evenings, dressed like an Alabastan dancing girl and basking in the extremely localised rain. Such is life.]


[On the third evening, she makes a post as something occurs to her, walking through the orchard and swinging her staff casually on crocodile patrol.]


Is there anyone else who's got a garden stuck in a desert area? If you need it I could provide you with some extraaaaIEEEAAA--

[Thud. Crunch. Slide. Mud everywhere. Small, pathetic sound of pain. You try falling right through a sinkhole into a tomb and see how you feel.

...a tom--]
  KYAA!   Someone get me out of here! There are tombs everywhere and scorpions and something glo--


..../crickets. Singsong voice.]

Never mind!

-- [Journal slam.]

[...SO BASICALLY Nami is lost in a tomb but she doesn't care because there's GOLD in them there crypts, but you know. She probably needs a rescue anyway. Or company. Or someone else who fell in. Or someone who just got...hopelessly lost... heck, while we're down here may as well see if there's any of those scavenger hunt items, right? Amidst the monsters and the booby traps. Aheh. 8D Come on down.]

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[Nami comes back to Luceti with a bang.

...literally.  Because the first indication of her arrival on the networks is her journal hitting a tree at high velocity.  The journal window won't pick up more than a whole bunch of dizzily swirling forest scenery and then a bare, reddened foot as she kicks it afterwards for good measure.  Then she just abandons it in the grass and stalks off.  Incredibly useful contribution to the journals, isn't it?  Sorry about that.

She's not really in any hurry to go home, and in no hurry to go announcing herself through town, but she is cold.  So after some indecision, she heads for the Avatar house instead, knocking hesitantly on the door in her New Feather dress in search of warmth and other things.

A little while later, having borrowed a coat and some shoes and feeling a little more herself, she heads for home, letting herself in quietly and... sort of standing there and listening for voices, noise, anything.  Then she'll come say hi.  Sort of.

Whether she stays there or not after that, who knows?  But she does eventually make a journal entry in the evening, borrowing someone else's.  She's not cruel enough to pretend she's not here when there are friends in town.]


Shirahoshi, are you still here?  I remember you, now.  Just thought I’d let you know.  

For everyone else... hi.  I'm back.  Again.  All that.  Business as usual, I guess.

[She sounds cheerful enough.  Just tired.]
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[Nami comes home without fanfare, released into the tunnels.  She comes up straight into the fog and the sound of bats screeching and flapping somewhere and for a moment just stands there uncomprehending. 

Oh.  Right.

Well, whatever.

First she goes home.  Show Luffy she's alive, do whatever he needs.  Tell him why she's back early.  Tell him why Sanji and Vivi are not.  She leaves again when she can, and gets halfway to Good Spirits on automatic before she remembers that she's still on a leave of absence for sailing around with Law anyway; she doesn't need to tell them she won't be coming in for a while.  They already know.

So she turns and heads out into the forest instead.  It doesn't matter if the area is thick with fog.  Her feet already know the way, and it's not like she's bothering to pay attention to much else.  None of it's real, anyway. 

When she gets to the cottage, she digs out the bottles of sake and blue ale from her icebox and drinks herself into oblivion.  And somewhere in that process, she destroys the bedroom.  And goes to sleep with her face blotched with tears and her fingers clutching a letter written in March as if her life depended on it.

And on the morning of the 30th, she gets up and takes a basket out of the shed and begins the harvest, one basket at a time.]
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So I'm curious. How bizarre did some of your reminder cards get? Did anyone not take them all at face value?

[She has valid reasons to ask, trust me. Selfish Nami-is-pissy reasons, mind, but that's what happens after you've spent a week with a scattered crew and a comatose chef and a mallynapped swordsman and find yourself playing babysitter to a bunch of people who really ought to know better, not looking at you, Perona. Also there's an anniversary coming up she really wished she hadn't still been around to see.

Ergo, busy day ahead.]

[Locked to Shikamaru]

Hey, you wanna catch up for a drink?

[Yes, random ninja are often asked out on quasi dates.]

[Locked to Tony Stark]

Mind if I drop round? The normal way, this time.

[Aside from these possibly redundant plottin shenanigans, Nami will be in her usual haunts: the mikan orchard in the afternoon and Good Spirits in the evening. Though around noon she's gonna drop in to Seventh Heaven (or if it's still closed, wherever Sanji is) to check on him. Just to make sure things are, y'know, okay now. Because mad cooking sprees are kind of a cause for alarm.  Moreso than Sleeping Beauty syndrome. Back atcha, chef.

Also, Zoro, hurry up and come home. She wants to have words about certain balancing games played. *_*]
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[Nami's had quite enough of sleeping. It's kind of disconcerting to be told it's now September, and it doesn't help that she's spent the time since Ling's rude wake-up call still sleeping most of her day away. So tired, all the time. Prone to falling asleep mid-shower, and that is annoying, to say the least.

Oh, well. A week has gone past and she can finally get through most of the day with no problems, so Nami takes advantage of the fact that there is no Chopper to tell her otherwise (and no Katara or Law at the house at the time) to sneak up to the orchard and see how it's fared in her near-two-month absence.

...huh. Been hot lately, she sees. And a lot less mikan up here than she was expecting. Nothing too alarming, and the place seems okay otherwise, pinwheels and all. Someone even fixed her cottage door, lookit that.

Welp. Observant villagers might see the low-lying rainclouds to the northeast of the village, a tiny little storm that barely covers an acre. It's too hot today anyway, may as well take advantage of the fact that she can cheat.]


Thanks, whoever fixed my door. Did you take some of the fruit as payment or should I blame someone else for that?

[Tell her what she's missed, Luceti.]


Sep. 2nd, 2012 01:09 pm
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[Out in the section of the forest between the village and the farmland, on the morning of the 2nd, there is a giant duck.

This is Biri. He's a peacock duck hybrid that has a habit of frying things with electricity when he's stressed, excited, or just saying hi. Right now, he's running circles around a clearing in the forest, squawking at the top of his lungs. It's a very pretty little clearing, even if the undergrowth about the place seems a little more thorny than usual.

In the middle of the clearing, there is an orange-haired navigator who's been missing for a good five weeks now, looking mighty comfy sleeping in the grass. She could probably use a hand getting home. That's...if you can convince Biri your intentions are good. He makes one hell of a chaperone. >_>]

((ooc:  Nami won't be waking up for anyone, so if you want to tag in with a friend and just deal with an unconscious girl, feel free and that would actually be better! o/  Otherwise, I'll just play the over-excitable duck for a bit. |D))


Jul. 27th, 2012 08:31 am
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[Nami went up to the orchard early this morning. It's from the cottage that she makes this entry, hurried and to the point:]

I'm gonna be away for a while. Sorry. And--

[There's the sound of splintering wood in the background.]

--can someone fix that? Please? And don't do anything stupid while I'm--


The journal is left face down on the floor of the bedroom, both the bedroom door and front door in pieces. These droids should really learn to knock.]
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[Nami gets back early morning on the 4th by way of house 6's roof.  And by that we mean landing on said roof with a thud and nearly rolling right off the edge of it, so we're sorry if anyone was trying to you know, sleep or anything but there's a caterwauling navigator possibly dangling outside a window somewhere.  B|  Don't worry, she'll let herself down in a second.  Probably.

The Malnosso are totally trolling her by now, aren't they?  Not to mention how disastrous the entire month of June was.  Bah.

By the time she has a hot bath and a good breakfast, she's already made up her mind.]

[Voice at a semi-respectable hour]

I'm really tired of putting up with a lot of the crap this place has to offer.  It's not just me, is it?  Is it too much to ask that we can have a single month go past without someone messing with us?  [Huff. B|]  On top of all that, it was my birthday yesterday and the Malnosso had me picking up corpses.  Well, I'm not missing out for another year.  

I'm having a birthday party up at the orchard tonight and if I know you and you haven't tried to kill me on purpose, you're invited.  Is it sad I have to make that distinction?  Bring alcohol.  All of it.

...and pinwheels.  Pinwheels make great presents.  The stupid hurricane destroyed all of mine.

...I wouldn't say no to money, either. 

[Just sayin'.  She might be a little pissed off, okay.]

((ooc:  Party at the Straw Hats?  There will probably be a log going up so people can mingle, assuming enough people want to come, lmao. '_'  So watch out for it.  Also I know it's the 4th July over there, so I'll just.  Backdate the log for the 4th and put it up tomorrow >.>;;))

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[And on the first four days of this experiment, lo, the navigator was completely unaffected and oblivious, casually making use of Trafalgar Law's coated ship to pretend Luceti doesn't exist explore the ruins beneath the water.  She'd have invited Raine, only you know.  Under the surface and all.  S'all good.  It's not like the rest of the village is going nuts or anything, is it?


...and on day 5, there is a lot of screaming, lost to the depths of the sea.  Luckily, her journal is off for that part, or she'd never live it down.  However.]

[Panicked Voice] 

Zoro!!  Katara?  Someone get me off of this thing!!   Why is it always a boat?

[Ship, Nami.  But hey.   Feel free to drop in on her for a rescue or a random teleport or whatever floats your...boat... /shot

From day 7 onward Nami will be afflicted by the teleporting bug herself, turning up in all sorts of awkward places.  Not always fully dressed.  Beware:  she will charge you for the privilege,   8|  Throughout, though, she really kind of believes she's someone else, married with three children.  Ahahaha.  She may kill someone when this is over.]

((ooc:  Please note the first portion of this takes place before Alexei's post about pinwheels.))

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[Nami gets home from her mission late evening on the 2nd and knows pretty must straight away that something is off. Having been gone nearly two weeks, running into Sanji the way she does puts a bad taste in her mouth.  She was looking forward to seeing them.

Once Sanji leaves with his spooky darkness powers, she strides through the house in search of other nakama who are awake in search of answers.  Don't worry, if nobody's awake she'll just shake someone awake. 8Db  Maybe all of you!

...and that shows her quite plainly that the experiment going on isn't just affecting her chef.


In a temper the next morning, she heads through town, meets some very off-kilter people she knows, and at least thanks the powers that be that she's unaffected this time.  It doesn't improve her mood any, so she heads for the battledome to try and work out some stress and try (yet again) to see if she can locate the way down to Catherine's lab.

Okay, yes.  That was kind of easy.  TOO BAD ABOUT THE MESS.]

[Irritated Voice]

Does someone want to explain to me what the hell happened in the battledome?  If any of you are still sane, that is.  [She flops down in the wreckage of Catherine's lab and pans the video across the rubble.  Doesn't seem much need for secrecy.  This has to have been noticed by now, right?]   And if anyone is still sane, please tell me what the hell is going on today? 

...preferably over alcohol.

[She'll vent her temper on killing a bunch of pirates at the battledome, drop by the battledome clinic on the way out, then swing past Raine's with a handful of papers in hand.  And finally, she hits the bar to drink in moody silence.

Unless of course anyone wants to keep her company, because that'd be kind of cool.  Worst homecoming ever. >E]


Mar. 16th, 2012 09:28 am
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[The advent of spring is beautiful in a mikan orchard.  Small white blossoms are everywhere between the leaves, and while there's little to no fruit on offer, it's more than enough of a sight for a mother and daughter to make the trip up here; ostensibly to survey the grove for any damage done in the last of winter, but it's just an excuse. 

It's the first time Nami gets to share this sight with Bellemere in nearly twelve years.

Maybe she can be thankful that you stayed long enough for this, mama.

She doesn't come home that day.  It's only towards afternoon that she reaches for her journal, writing in impersonal black strokes.  It's okay.  It's really okay.  It's really...

This is Luceti.  It was never going to last.]

Bellemere's gone.
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[What a cheerful week it's been.  Almost like a vacation away from this place. 

Or not.

Nami doesn't have the energy to complain when she finds she's been returned out at the orchard in the early hours of the morning.  Not that much of a problem, bar the fact that it's freezing and she's dead tired.  The cottage isn't heated, but there's still a bed in there, and she collapses across it for a few hours' sleep.

...and at some point, rolls herself up in the covers, because that's smart.

When she finally wakes up around 8am, her journal's sitting on the floor next to the bed, and she flicks it open with a finger, not bothering to work up a filter to the crew.  Too much effort, and she's just not in the mood for things that require concentration today.  Or in much of a good mood at all.  Valentine's is... still a little too raw.  Among other things.]


I'm back.  [Not that anyone but the crew knew she was going somewhere.  Details.  She doesn't much care.]  You guys weather the storm okay?

[Later she'll make her way home, and then inevitably make her way into town and collapse in Good Spirits for a while in the evening.  She's catchable wherever, and probably not that hard to cheer up if you want a lighter conversation.]

((ooc:  and I will be slow for a bit, so bear with me.))

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[At 17, Nami will be out and about per usual, though not trying out her newly discovered thieving ways.  She learned all she needed to the day before (a year ago), and by now she knows enough of what's going on.  Her mood isn't the best for a variety of reasons, so at some point in the afternoon she vanishes off to the sea and just watches the waves from the desert fort until she can't see anything at all.  She'll creep home late.

At 18, on the other hand... she wakes up in tears.  Again.  But it's okay.  This time she doesn't mind at all.  She doesn't so much sleep in this morning as curl around her pillow and rake over her memories until they all make sense, so if anyone wants her before 10 that's where she'll be.  When she finally gets up, she spends most of the day in the house because ksfasf she finally remembers all of you sorry pirates.  She just doesn't remember anyone else.  And the Arlong brand is gone this morning, replaced with her familiar pinwheel-and-mikan tattoo. 

At 19, she makes a post, a little paler than usual.  She's regained all the way to her nineteenth birthday, but the events before that were kinda nasty. 8|]


So I finally remember enough to work out what's been going on this week.   But as I understand it, I still have a couple years to go, so.  Don't hold it against me if I don't remember you for another day, or whatever.

So... am I cute at 21?

[Private to Noel]

Um.  [She remembers you saying two people went home a few days ago.  That, and according to her memories, you're supposedly missing.]  Are you there?
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[Nami for her own part is content to either stay with her mother or go out exploring with Sanji for the first day or two she's home. It's bitterly cold out there and she doesn't like it much at all-- it's nothing like Cocoyashi-- and her feet are a little red from early barefoot adventures in the snow, but luckily she doesn't catch cold. She's more grounded and less restless than Sanji is, because Bellemere is here. And that means she can let Bellemere take care of things. Because after all, didn't mama say that they wouldn't be here for very long? She misses Nojiko, but if it's only for a little while, then maybe she'll just treat this as a holiday.

Then the second night passes, and Nami turns 10. And everything changes.]

Action locked to Bellemere and/or wandering housemates )


[So in the afternoon, Luceti, there is a little girl staring back at you from the journals. And doing the most awesomely intelligent thing:

[Yeah. Because making faces at you all is really mature. She just wants to see how many people notice her, because damn this magical journal is fun.]


[If people want to run into Nami at varying ages, she can be found:

-- At the library on Monday when she is 12, trying to reach that top shelf of navigation books;

-- At Good Spirits on Wednesday when she is 14, trying her luck at being served underage drinks (look, she can hold her liquor okay B|); and

-- Pretty much anywhere on the following Friday when she is 16, because she's smitten with a severe case of wanderlust; a rooftop, a shop, the forest, the battledome...anywhere. Chances are if you run into Nami today, she might attempt to pickpocket you just because she's got the suspicion she's damn good at it. And those ships out at sea hold her attention for a fair while, because...well, wouldn't it be nice to sail one away? These dreams, man. 

For ages 17 and up, well... there'll be another post much later.  Just to avoid confusion.]